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We build awesome apps

What We Do

We're doing our daily routine passionately, from planning, designing, developing, testing, releasing, and maintaining apps. We stand out in other IT services too.

Web Apps

We bring out dashing, compatible yet responsive web apps to execute your expectations.

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Mobile Apps

We build stunning, strong, yet effortless mobile apps for public usage or internal usage.

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E-Learning Apps

We build online learning with interactive content including image, audio, video, animation.

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Monitoring Apps

Monitor applications to achieve substantial web application performance improvements.

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We are proficient in integrating many up-to-date programming languages and technologies that are suitable for your project.


Our engineers create exquisite layouts that users could see and interact within applications. We maintain application’s aesthetic and functional as well as optimizing application’s design on various platforms. We also develop features to enhance user experience.


Our Engineers build entire mobile application life-cycles along with API. Our Engineers also write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions. Ensuring responsiveness of applications and cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.


Our Engineers handle software architecture, scripting & compiling many frameworks, data access & business logic, database administration, data transformation & manipulation, API endpoints, queries, data interchange schema between server and users. We improve servers, server-side applications, and databases. We also ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end.


Integrate your website & mobile applications with easy and popular service platforms such as payment gateways, social media, email, and others.


We are unstoppable to produce the finest apps with excellent services, happy users, and reputation as a trusted and dependable partner. We know what’s the best for you. Choose the service that suits you most.

Maintenance Services

Dedicated team services payment based on approved monthly rate. This service gives you flexibility to add new requirements/tasks without create additional agreement. We follow everything you want and we build everything you need.

Dedicated Team Services

This service already determines cost and timeline projects based on client requirements which have been agreed from both parties. Payment with terms. Client additional requirements can be added in the middle of the development project by create additional agreement.

Fixed Bid Project

  • Payment with terms
  • Fixed cost & timeline project
  • Additional requirements can be added in
  • the middle of the development project by creating new additional agreements


We've worked with some great companies and make great ideas into inspired projects. We help them to improve their business with what they need. We serve them our best service and we always maintain our good relationship.

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Sindigilive is an IT partner solution company, where all hard-working, competent, and multi-talented developers are eager to realize all your ideas with excellent skills. Established in 2016, we are proficient in integrating many up-to-date programming languages and technologies that are suitable for your project.

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We get our own groove to enjoy all works in the midst of business. We help each other and work together passionately. We are open and we trust each other with great communication. Sindigilive is the most comfortable, full of blessed and positive vibrant to create real creativity and productivity.

Vission, Mission and Passion

Built with "Passion" in the field of technology, especially application development, Sindigilive grows as an application development company, reliable in implementation and friendly in service.

Clients & Partners